At the end of every experience, an individual is left with only the remembrance. When memories are recalled they often evoke new ones in a different context. 

Recollections are fragmented, surreal and sometimes absurd. During the course of a day, memorable occasions emerge from collected artifacts, noises, smells, or from the views. 

Investigating the reality and imagination inherent in the subconscious often translates into a creative activity for me. Fragments that I recall lead to imagination. These flashbacks, personal collections, and sensations all lead to memory.

Not all memories or stories are recalled perfectly. It is here that my work begins, in a place where thoughts are patchy and stories are recreated. The stories I tell are fragmented and reveal only a glimpse into the larger narrative.

I recall memories and interpret through image design.


Born in Philadelphia, Bridget Kirkland was raised on the lakeshore of Erie, Pa. Summer art classes and a grandmother who “looked at things differently” shaped her personal outlook. Solving visual problems coupled with an innate ability to “see through the fluff” allows Kirkland to express art through fresh, clean, honest design. Kirkland attended Mercyhurst University in Erie, where she earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Graphic Design with a minor in marketing. She earned her Master of Fine Arts in general studio at Winthrop University in Rock Hill. Her previous endeavors include: Creative Manager at University of South Carolina Upstate, Creative Lead with the Haggerty Marketing Group, and Graphic Designer at SmileMakers. Kirkland also has a thriving freelance business with clients as diverse as Greenville (S.C.) Hospital System, the Medical University of South Carolina, Mattel, Construction Safety Experts and the McElveen Automotive Group. Kirkland is a member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts, College Art Association, University College and Design Association, HighEdWeb and a Spartanburg Artist Guild. Currently she is teaching part-time at the University of South Carolina Upstate and Converse College, both located in Spartanburg. Her future plans include securing a full-time position teaching graphic design or digital media in a higher education setting as well as continuing to grow her freelance career with design and new media.